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Pet Class

Said the cat

I was a cat, the cat from the earth, although there have been a meow star legend, but I'm sure it's just a legend. In short, I live in the earth. Once, the Sahara desert is my toilet, rodents are my dinner. At that time, I was a hunter, a free and wild warrior, a loner. Do you know? The best thing is to be free! But, now, I live in the human family, by calling the &ldquo pet ”. Of course, I could be promoted to &ldquo when the conditions are good, and the partner ” if it is unfortunate, then I can only be “ cat ” a captive of the freedom of the cat. My group in the wild jungle, just their status more embarrassing up, their precarious, if the gods come, meet a kind-hearted person may be to beg for food, but the fear in the dark butcher, they will catch my kind, and sent it to the table, it is said that the price is not cheap. In hee bustling crowd also that a handful of paranoia do gooders and they caught us and took us to one is referred to as a local animal rescue center, there is a full meal of rice, but there are countless disaster in waiting for us. Infectious diseases and inter individual struggle will take most of us to send to heaven, anxiety, depression, and manic dominate people's nerves. Life is perhaps not just eat so simple.

In the human domination of the planet, a human companion animal is a matter of the highest honor, which will become the ultimate goal of our meow students struggle, after all, wandering and rescue also difficult to obtain the real freedom. When we are on the top of our partner, we usually turn to the cat. I do not know how many cats slaves knew about me, I think it's time to think aloud.

Cats are popular is unique, the pads of Kitty have a smart nose, sharp eyes, free rotation of the ears and sharp teeth, thorn tongue, radar like beard, dynamic tail, plump and soft if the boneless body. The cat's nose can smell the taste of 500 meters away, the nose has a wealth of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, the odor molecules is easily attached to the wet nose. The barbed tongue can be used to comb the hair, in the diet is easy to obtain the goal, also can be the bones of meat clean and remove. Cat can distinguish the ups and downs, but taste is not developed, the sweet less sensitive to also because it is a carnivore's sake, the ability of digestion of carbohydrates is far less than the dog. Cat in the 4— 8 months will be to deciduous teeth off, for 30 satellites cannot regenerate permanent teeth, incisors is relatively small can the meat from the bones hanging down, canine teeth are sharp, hunt can be used to pierce the prey of the spinal cord. Damage is stronger. There are a number of sensory organs, extremely sensitive to meat pad. When walking on a nail retracted meat pad, shock absorber quietly walking leisurely. At the same time, pads are distributed for number of sweat gland and large sweat glands, when the cat in a place around when he may not be in the thinking, just want to leave smell do mark. Cat with a beard detection width. The hearing is 3 times that of a human, but a blue eyed white cat because of a defect in the gene, often incurable deafness tendency. Cat's visual angle is 210 degrees, 285 degrees higher than the human, its night vision ability is strong, which is not unrelated to his rich, but he does not have much to grasp the specific details of things, the cat is near sighted, but this is a short-sighted, even 50 meters away from the game, he will not let go. The cat is color blind, so don't think he will be interested in a certain color, his world is black and white.

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