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Pet Class

The dog to the new home for the first week

Before bringing the dog home, to the wire, fragile items such as the dog in the dangerous goods, can not let the dog to touch the things to get away, at the same time, in order to make the dog quickly adapt to the environment, as far as possible in the morning to bring the dog home. In the evening after the move, will cause the dog's restless.

In receiving the dog, be sure to to the pet shop or previous owners with consult health and eating habits, and obtain stained bitch taste things or is like a puppy toys.

Drove the puppy home, puppy on his knees, make it feel the body temperature than in the basket or suitcase can eliminate the dog, at the same time, it can prevent motion sickness dog. Take other means of transport home, the dog because of the crowd noise and shaking, taste feel neuroticism.

Therefore, as far as possible on their side, and when it does not talk. In order to prevent the dog suddenly vomiting, diarrhea and other unexpected situations, to prepare a towel, newspapers and plastic bags in advance.

Back home, the first to take it to the toilet, will get back with the bitch taste of things and toys on the side, so that it a good rest. Have patience, not to embrace it or touch it, it take a nap, take the initiative to find owners play, gentle become playmates. If you start to play a very crazy, will increase the pressure of the dog.

The first night, the dog may be lonely and roar, do not need to be ignored, as long as two or three days later, everything will improve. If you feel that it is very poor and holding it to sleep, it will think that it is the place where it sleeps, it is difficult to set up.

Meals can be the same as before feeding, but only half of the amount of. Even started in appetite affected, but soon recovery original food intake, then spent a week's time, make it gradually adapt to new dishes.

In addition, the environment is urgent to cause hypoglycemia, in the first five days to go home, you can drink in the water to add a little honey.

The first week of the first home, because of the tension and anxiety affect health, but do not need to feel nervous. After the dog is familiar with the new environment, the body is gradually stable, can be invited to a veterinary health examination, and to receive vaccination.

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