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Health Encyclopedia: healthy cat pointer

The cat's health can be judged by careful observation, nose and body temperature is the most simple way to judge. Generally speaking, the healthy cat body temperature should be in 38.7 degrees Celsius, but should not exceed 39.2 degrees (cat except). The nose should be wet and cool; bright eyes and not too much gum; anus clean; be hair along the slide and gloss, and & hellip; & hellip; as long as the cat should understand the cat basic health standards, so if there are something unexpected happens, you can in the first time to the cat in a timely manner treatment.

Normal physiological index of cats:

Temperature: 39 degrees Celsius range: 38-39.5

The number of breaths: 25 / min (20-30)

Heart rate: 130 beats per minute (120-140)

The most suitable environment temperature: 18-21 degrees (15-25 degrees)

The most suitable environment humidity: 50% (45%-55%)

A safe maximum production capacity: 7.7 ml / kg body weight

How to measure the temperature of a cat?

The most professional approach is that the thermometer, dipped in oil. The cat tail lift, the thermometer inserted into the anus (note the thermometer should keep parallel insertion and cat body). Hold the thermometer carefully, after a minute out, clean reading. Normal temperature: 38-39. Or put the thermometer between the cat's back and abdomen, clamping, five minutes after reading.

How to measure the pulse of a cat?

Feel the cat inside the hindquarters, calculate the number of beats per minute, time should be 160-240. In addition, the rib section at a cat under the elbow, can touch the heart.

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