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How to raise a cat and dog

Many owners think that cats and dogs are just the same species with different skins, let them eat the same food, play the same toys, which really fit them? The answer is, of course, the negative.

Often hear home cats and dogs with the raising of the master came over and said, dogs like to eat cat food, cats like to eat dog food, simply put their food for over to eat, this feeding method obviously is not scientific. Dogs are partial meat eating animals, while the cat is almost pure meat animals, they have essential differences in the requirements of food. Protein, fat cat is very important, the cat's main food is meat. It requires protein to maintain blood sugar levels, and try to use the protein and fat in food as a fundamental source of energy to survive. Carbohydrate is not a cat's necessities, the cat's body can not use carbohydrates. In dog food, also need to have a higher content of high quality protein and fat, but they are not as high as the demand for protein and fat cat, but the demand for carbohydrates will be higher than the cat. In the dog's body system, you can use carbohydrates to provide heat and maintain blood glucose levels, this is bitches during pregnancy and lactation must additional carbohydrate supply levels, to avoid hypoglycemia caused by death of puppies. What is the true nutritional needs of cats and dogs, and how to meet them? The best way is to let them eat their own food. Cat and dog food for pet nutritionist according to nutritional needs of their cats and dogs for them individually designed, so let the cat eat cat food, dog eat dog food is simple and healthy feeding standards. If there are some owners to make their own cat and dog food, the cat should be meat as the main ingredients, you can add a very small number of carbohydrates, the best use of vegetables such as pumpkin instead of carbohydrates. Dog food can increase the amount of carbohydrates such as cereals, reduce the amount of meat. Meat of inorganic salts such as sodium content of more, so carnivorous cat and partial meat feeding dogs and unlike omnivorous humans that require access to sodium from salt, so the owner in homemade food only rarely a little salt on it. When feeding, should put cat food in high places, the dog could not reach the position, it can avoid the dog eating cat food. Add plenty of food in the bowl of cat food, cat food has always pay attention to let the cat food bowl. This is because the cat needs to feed on, and may cause liver problems. Dogs should eat regular meals, only to dinner time, only in the dog food bowl put dog food, if in the stipulated time did not finish to swallow food. This will not only prevent the cat to eat dog food, but also can help promote the dog's appetite, so that it is good to eat.

Don't look at cats and dogs, but they have a big difference in life style. The cat likes to walk alone, they do not need a lot of exercise. They just want to play, it may be late at night, may be early in the morning, if you have a cat and dog at the same time, you do not have to worry about not to accompany the cat, it wants to play with you will naturally find you. Otherwise, even if you're not at home, it's enough for the dog to play with the dog. Dogs are absolutely social animals, they also need a larger amount of exercise. They play the heart is very heavy, the movement demand of large dog will be bigger. If you don't have to spend more energy to play with the dog, take it out for a walk, it has no place to vent their energy may be used to deal with the cat or do damage at home. Cats like dynamic is very strong, can shake the toys, this toy often let the cats like, they would not stop with claws push lightly toys, master to do is let toys has been moving up. Dogs like to throw to throw it into the or rejection to rejection to the toy, this kind of toy is often running or jumping can play. Among them, plush toys, knot toys and toy balls by dog like.

Dogs and cats are the most intimate of human beings, the master only to understand their habits, preferences, to better, more scientific care for them, so that they live in the limited life of unlimited wonderful.

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