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Owners need to know the dog family daily care

Most dogs are kept in the house, but if the owner did not have time to manage them, over a period of time after their hair and nails will grow very long, also sends out a bad smell. Every time it is difficult to repair it is a very troublesome thing, so the owner of the dog need to learn some daily nursing methods to avoid such things happen.

Below to the owner of the dog to introduce how to do daily care for dogs.

Dogs, like a long haired dog, have to cut off their hair, because the hair is too long to affect their daily lives, but they can't cut their meat.

When you cut your nails, you need to hold their paws, so you don't cut it too short. Just cut it off, because the root of the nail is too small to cut the blood vessel.

Cleans the ear to ear in outer hair with scissors under also available hand pulled out, when see the inside of a wet earwax to use cotton swabs rubbed out, ears droop dog needs more than two times a week cleaning.

Ass hair to cut it, with benefits for its daily convenience.

When brushing their teeth, they should use a dedicated dog toothpaste, which is suitable for their mouth size of the toothbrush, and step by step to brush their teeth. To often brush their teeth can prevent the dog teeth.

Often take a bath to prevent the dog to get a show or other diseases. To taste, promote the skin's metabolism. Usually for breed dogs for a week or so wash one back, before washing can be plugged into the cotton to prevent the water from the ear, to the bath with a special bath, water temperature of 40 degrees, will be washed. Dry with cool hair dryer, to twenty cm far away from it, if you don't want to wash the dog.

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