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In the dog's life, young period is the fastest growth, maximum plasticity, and the morbidity and mortality of the largest number of stages. Therefore, at this stage of the feeding and management requirements highest, we must understand puppies principles of growth and development, physiological characteristics and give the scientific feeding, coupled with the corresponding management and exercise, accelerate the growth and development of the puppies, to obtain the desired varieties of excellent young dogs.

(one) the feeding of the newborn puppies

Puppy born, will immediately suck. Let the young dogs lying on the female side, in order to suckling. If a viviparous offspring more, should will finally give birth to puppies (usually body thin and weak) into two on the nipple sucking, after repeated several times, each puppy will have fixed nipple. To let the newborn dogs eat enough colostrum, because colostrum contains rich in protein and vitamins, also contains high magnesium salt, antioxidants and enzymes, hormones and other, can have a laxative and resistance effect, in favor of fetal of discharge; colostrum higher acidity, there is conducive to promoting the elimination of; colostrum various nutrients in almost all absorbed, which to enhance puppy physique, produced heat to maintain body temperature is very beneficial. More it is worth mentioning is that colostrum contains bitch of a variety of antibodies (maternal antibody), the offspring of canine disease resistant ability, therefore, should as soon as possible (within 0.5 ~ 1 hour) for newborn dogs to eat colostrum. A newborn puppy suddenly left the womb and outside contact, at this time, temperature and respiratory is the biggest difference. The body temperature of the newborn is lower (the body temperature is 34.5~36, and the temperature is 1~2, and it has no shaking reflection. It is completely dependent on the external heat source (such as the parent) to maintain the normal body temperature. At the age of 6 weeks, the young dog had the function of shaking reflex and regulating body temperature, the eyes were open at 10~16 days, the ears were open at 15~17 days and the respiratory rate was accelerated. These are helpful to promote and maintain a high body temperature, from 2~6 week old, body temperature rose to 36~39, 4 weeks old to close to adult body temperature. To strengthen to the custody of the puppies to prevent because of extrusion bitches, stampede, abandoned and hunger (less milk not to let the puppy feeding) caused death pups.

Non normal delivery wind puppies born won't breathe and bark, namely the emergence of the phenomenon of suspended animation, then head down, hands clenched, fixed good dog, hurled young dogs mouth and nose in the amniotic fluid, with alcohol cotton ball wipe nasal mucosal and systemic, and gently rhythmic press on the chest wall, usually by artificial respiration continued 3 to 4 minutes after the puppies will be able to start breathing on their own. At this time, to wipe away the body of filth, and then towel, insulation can be.

As did not eat normal colostrum, which is difficult to survive in this breed of dog. Need artificial feeding, use special advice for doggy milk, goat milk powder which is better. Due to the low temperature of the newborn baby (the body temperature is 34.5~36 at 1~2 after birth, the artificial feeding can only be placed in the constant temperature box, every hour every hour and every 2 hours. Because the young dogs are not row of urine, in the absence of female cases, only manual stimulation of the puppy in the perineal region.

Need your attention is the puppy's development situation, every once in a while that dog baby weight, under normal circumstances, the dog in the five days growth weight 50 grams, seven days to 15 days growth of about 70 grams. Milk is very important for puppies, if milk shortage, puppies will affect the development, we used some sheep milk to supplement the puppy's nutrition, so puppies can also enhance physical fitness, rapid growth. Thus, sheep milk plays an important role in the growth of puppies.

(two) feeding of young dogs

Generally 3 months after the birth of the main growth of the body and body weight, 4~6 months is mainly an increase in body length, 7 months after the main body height. Therefore, according to the different developmental stages, different stages of the food. After weaning of pups, due to a sudden change in living conditions, often seem upset, loss of appetite, easy to get sick, then selected the feed to palatability is good, easy to digest. Within 3 months of the pups fed 4 times a day at least. 4~6 month old puppies, increased food intake, body weight increased rapidly, the daily required amount also increased, fed at least 3 times a day. In June after the age of puppies, fed 2 times a day. Feeding puppies, water is absolutely indispensable things, often put a basin of water in a fixed place, so that it before and after eating and exercise any drinking. If the dog can drink enough clean water, can make its development normal, gastrointestinal health. Especially in the summer season, hot weather, in vivo moisture to evaporate quickly, especially the puppy love, if not timely replenishment of water, often easy to cause water shortages in the organization, or even cause dehydration and the influence of the dog's health, the best after each daily exercise. Let the dogs of glucose drink water. Add calcium and vitamin training, the teeth and bone growth that is required. Especially the larger framework of purebred dogs, such as boxer dog, Great Dane puppies, needed in the period of calcium. Specific process:
Feeding and milk:

Under normal circumstances, a litter of puppies by the lactating bitches to 3 - 5 weeks of age, after 3 weeks of age, available food dish sheep milk and dairy foods from for puppies learning lick to supplement nutrition, avoid malnutrition retardation, reduce the burden of the bitches.

Since the bitch out of milk:

The puppy was almost three weeks of age, three or four times a day, the period from the milk soaked food given.

Puppies grow fast, every day to than dogs fed several times, if the female has plenty of milk, breast-feeding is good, do not rush to weaning, but if have to 5 weeks of age should be in accordance with the above steps from milk, 6 week old puppy has no need lactating bitches.

Development of adult dog feeding:

Puppy arrived at 12 weeks of age, fed three times a day, until the age of 6 months, after the cut as a day to feed two meals to 9 months of age, then with the individuals or the environment to maintain a day to feed a meal or two meals.

Generally speaking, small dogs (especially toy dogs) are advised to eat two meals a day.

Correct eating habits:

Don't let your dogs become picky eaters.

When feeding the puppy, into the food, the dog to the food, keep quiet, let the dog eats, 20 - 30 minutes after the food tray and residual food away.

The puppy size:

Lick a puppy bitches in lactation, and will continue to face and body to do the cleaning work, also licking anus, stimulate the puppies defecation and urination. Discharge of urine by bitch lick clean, artificial rearing, raising to action simulation of the bitches, cleaning puppies dip in the face and skin milk and dirt, cleaning anus, stimulate litter size.


Puppy feeding milk replacer prone to constipation, usable glass rod thermometer or coated with Vaseline or mineral oil into the anus, lubrication feces, will a few drops of mineral oil or sunflower oil adding feeding milk replacer until improvements in constipation.

Every head puppies to vaccinate, insecticide, dental examination and health examination.


Puppies from the bitch or milk of intestinal parasite infection, generally to do deworming for the first time in three weeks, once every 2 - 3 weeks anthelmintic to 16 weeks of age. After 6 months and 12 months of age to insecticide.

Preventive injection:

All over the world have dogs, there are many serious canine infectious diseases and puppies must be prevention injection, in order to maintain a healthy, infectious disease of dogs have: 1. Canine coronavirus enteritis, 2. Dog parvovirus enteritis, 3. Canine distemper. Dogs vice popular cold, 5. Canine infectious bronchitis, 6. Infectious canine hepatitis. Dogs leptospirosis symptoms.

The first needle vaccination at the age of 6 weeks, two


Second needle in about 2 weeks later, Intervet quadruple

Third needles in two free 3 weeks later, the use of four canine Leptospira Intervet + two

Fourth needles in three free 3 weeks later, the use of four Intervet leptospirosis + two and rabies vaccine

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