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Pet Health

Professional veterinarians believe, the importance of prevention rather than cure disease. For the maintenance of pet health, disease prevention is the most effective means.

Through a year of physical examination and observation, can make an objective assessment of the health of pets. Taikang will provide the most cutting-edge information and advanced equipment to help you become a worthy of your trust and the pet owner.

We will be with you hand in hand common diagnostic your pet healthy: teeth nursing, behavior, parasite control, nutrition, prevention of injection and health problems. These preventive measures can help pets eliminate physical discomfort and potential diseases, which can also help you reduce the physical and mental pressure, while a substantial reduction in your expenses. There is a saying: prevention and cure.

To monitor the health of your pet requires you to work with us. Our goal is to establish a close and harmonious relationship with the owner of the pet, and maintain the health of pets every day!

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