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Pet Beauty

DeDe 58 pet hospital Beauty Department has a professional beautician team and master the international pet beauty fashion modeling technology, provide pet bath, bath, hair care, styling, hair dyeing etc. a full range of services for your pet.

Beauty tips

One, pet beauty is on the basis of respect for the laws of nature, please rational treatment of pet beauty.
Two, pet illness is not suitable for beauty, take a shower (excluding bath skin disease).
Three, in the pet beauty or bathing, please let the owner of the animal to truthfully inform the body of the animal, especially heart disease.
Four, for some patients with chronic disease, in a state of stress or in the recovery period of disease animals, a certain risk of bathing beauty, there is a problem by the owner of the pet, the hospital is not responsible.
Fifth, our hospital pet beauticians were trained, experienced beauty, due to more customers, in order to reduce the time you wait, please make reservations in advance.

Reservation Tel: 020-12345678 to 010


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