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 Pet Doctor
1, male or female, animal medicine, animal husbandry and veterinary related professional college degree or above, with a practicing veterinarian assistant or qualified to practice veterinary certificate person;
2, love animals, loving, determined in animal clinic industry, who have the potential to culture; responsible, hard working, dedication, good communication skills, a positive and optimistic attitude, strong sense of service;
3, more than two years of work experience in pet clinics, master clinical diagnosis, laboratory test results interpretation (microscopy, blood, blood, biochemistry, urine test results interpretation), X-ray interpretation; Learn common drug incompatibility master infusion therapy and transfusion therapy; mastering endotracheal intubation, catheterization, esophageal fistula, bladder puncture, drainage and other skills; able to handle the common case (dogs and cats diseases, digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system diseases), to master common surgical skills (sterilization, scaling, common abdominal surgery) and the like.
Pet Groomer
1, having a pet grooming experience more than one year, will design, it will be a special breed of hair care;
2, responsible, nice, strong sense of service, patience, self-motivated, serious, careful, practical, hard working, do something active, like small animals, pet grooming interested in the development industry.
Customer reception
1 Yes, pets have a certain understanding;
2, there are more than 2 years of service industry work experience, such as receptionist, salesperson, senior shopping guide and other related jobs;
3, cheerful, enthusiastic, active, strong affinity and observation skills, good communication skills, strong rapid response and coordination and management capacity.

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