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Close the earthly ears

Bed is probably the most time consuming life place! In addition to one-third of one day's time to sleep, the other a lot of time, actually be spent in bed.
Walking the dog back, boil a cup of tea, half lying in bed actually sleep until more than nine! Up something to eat, walk east to see the West, already ten o'clock, another half an hour, but also to go out.
On the playground behind the house, the ongoing fall Games rehearsal. Music slogan, occasionally twice a reprimand sound, replete with a houseful Maner, even a place where there is no escape.
Now people want quiet for a while, really hard. Home computers, televisions, mobile phones. These things, whether used or not, are usually open. I have a friend, his family TV basically not closed: open when cooking, dinner open, even when sleeping, the TV is open. He asked why, he said, used to it, feel at home with no movement, very empty very boring.
Out of the house, such as cries and advertising propaganda vehicles, is filled. Businesses in order to reap huge profits, propaganda always Costly. In addition to the flow of propaganda vehicles and stop selling, there is a great variety of poster paper. From the auditory to the visual, comprehensive no dead ends publicity, so what supermarkets engage in special, do not you want to know what is immune! Also various shops, have their own sound, have placed their favorite songs, especially the selling candied fruit shop, all day long, the "sugar-coated haws" This song, a song cycle ... patiently ...
So now people who want quiet, there must be a deep practice. You have the ability to shut your earthly ears, open spaces of your mind, to an exclusive inner cool. Just such an opportunity is small. This kind of trivia, always put your heart very full copy pull mess. I think there is a quiet ethereal heart ah! He puts his soul and put it there, and then from those things pull dust disturbance.
Home all the fruit is gone, but how are reluctant to go out to buy. Although the day out of time to go through forty-five fruit shop. Not forget any money, it is to bring the money and forgot to buy. The moment the door is always open at home, think of it crashing. But this time, has kicked off her shoes, the package was also thrown into the depths of my couch ... ...
So next time it may be the case every time.
Accustomed to open the computer, patiently listening to the opera. Good mood, I felt it was the sounds of nature, in a bad mood, it is my daze silly background music.
Wife's birthday approaching, the girls wanted to give my father to buy watches, online shopping for a long time, still can not be determined. There are no large-scale dial numbers, such tables are how I despise, so the daughter is very angry:
"Mom, you when everyone like you, ah, look at the table will see electronic form, had to be made 12:00."
"Of course not all like me, you old father every day, maybe one day, he might as well me too! So, with numbers on the dial must buy, simple and elegant design, best-made."
"Made in China? Mechanical or quartz? To what brand?"
"To quartz bar, not every day winding, makes for a seagull on the line."
"Seagull? Heard."
"Internet search to go, as the Chinese people do not even know Seagull watch?"
While another daughter called me:
"If you want homemade seagulls watch your daughter yet can not afford, are thousands of tens of thousands."
Then daughter on QQ, sent me a link, I opened it, is not it? Let all day to support domestic products, so the price, let us little people, how to support? Newlywed, I bought a seagull watches, it is less than 200 dollars.
Wife came home from work and said to him. I say look at the way he looked at me and said:
"You are less than 200, I was less than the monthly wage to 120 dollars it! More than a month's wages, equivalent to now, not serious thousands ah!"
"Times have changed, then spend 200 dollars to buy a watch, did not think how, how to give up now but got it?"
"I did not think how, that did not cost you money."
"You say you bought me a watch, and now you also distressed!"
But, we simply do quarrel, forget the computer was still on voice calls it, two daughters over there angry shouting:
"How noisy? Mom, you put the computer to give my father, let my dad said to quartz or mechanical." I got up, put the computer to give love.
"I want to machinery, the price not too high, I'll give you the money exchange."
"Dial it? To digital or scale? Color to black and white or gray day?"
"Digital scale will do color to black and white."
"Oh, not that watch? Care can be really!" I could not help next interjected.
"Dad, are you sure of?"
"OK, your mother anxious access it!"
"Do not worry ah, watch box comes in two colors, one red and one black you want?"
"What kind of table box will do, anyway, do not wear a watch box only wear watches." I inserted a mouth.
"Mom, we buy a birthday gift to my father, of course, buy my dad's favorite, you do not interrupt the old is good."
"Watch box you like what color, what color would it! Write your mother's phone, her day at home, courier to pick up the convenience."
This event buy a table, and finally finalized, love to start browsing news.
"You bring the headphones, I'd like to quiet a while."
"Would like quiet, you make for dinner yet?" Yes ah, simply watch and daughter discuss the thing, and forget how to do dinner out?
You see, it would like to quiet a moment, it is really hard to do! You are able to shut earthly ears, you will not shut earthly appetite ah! Obediently go cook! So, knife and cutting board banging, clanging cups and saucers, plus the roar of the hood, a kitchen symphony has begun!
"Off the kitchen door, noisy dead." Shouted a lover, I closed the kitchen door. Suddenly remembered occasional bird successful Frog: A group of frogs climbing the ladder to hold the game, while watching the audience said it was impossible, the frog to catch insects can climb so high ladder impossible. So a frog gave up, gave up two frogs, a frog last only successfully climbed to the top of the ladder!
It succeeded, all the frogs have come to congratulate it, this time we know, the frog was deaf!
Because it can not hear those negative voices, so it was alone to reach the end, it was a success!
So, we have to try and close our earthly ears, let those negative voices, positive impact on our ambition! When you stick your heart only, and only when the eyes of your goals, the world will make way for your success!

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